About Us


Being the market leading port operator in the East Marmara Region.


Providing sustainable port services with a continuous improvement approach which complies with international standards and is aware of the stakeholders’ expectations.


- Common Sense

Believing in the significance of being a team, creating opportunities where all associates can share their opinions and taking on responsibility in the course of decisions.

- Continuous Improvement

Not contenting ourselves with the existing but improving all our processes and conducts of business with systematical approaches by innovative ideas, suggestions, best practices and technological development and rendering it perpetuate.

- Correctness

Establishing transparent relations where our words and acts are in consistence and which are based on mutual trust.

- Customer Orientation

Paying regard to our customers’ needs and expectations and being a business partner with a customer specific service providing approach.

- People Orientation

Paying attention to the health, safety and needs of people under our impact area and contributing to their development.

- Environmental Awareness

Preventing pollution at its source and reducing the consumption of natural resources by using environment friendly technologies while carrying out our activities in order to protect environment and hand down to next generations.