About Us

Our Policy

As Evyapport our vision is; being the market leading port operator in the East Marmara Region. In scope of this vision we provide sustainable port services with a continuous improvement approach which complies with national and international standards, is aware of the stakeholders’ expectations and is in line with a process-focused management approach.

  • Embarking on the common sense principle with our lean and agile organization,
  • Establishing correct and solution-focused relations with our stakeholders by using our efficient communication skills,
  • Ensuring a working environment where all our stakeholders will be happy with a people-oriented approach,
  • Using resources efficiently, increasing our employees’ competency and complying with technological innovations and developments to ensure sustainability,
  • Acting responsibly to our stakeholders’ feedbacks and being a continuously progressing and developing organization,
  • Ensuring efficient, reliable, accessible and plain communication channels in order to understand the customers’ needs and expectations,
  • Providing sustainable services which are based on mutual benefit with a customer oriented approach,
  • Generating customer-specific and on-time solutions to customers’ feedbacks and providing our customers an experience which they intend,
  • Providing supportive solutions, at all stages of our services, by paying regard to customer feedbacks even if they are not in our impact area,
  • Maintaining our healthy and safe working conditions and providing a safe working environment to our stakeholders,
  • Carrying out education and awareness activities in order to form and maintain our stakeholders’ occupational health and safety culture,
  • Preventing occupational accidents and diseases and mitigating the risks impairment of health in accordance with risk analysis and assessments.
  • Being prepared to any potential emergency states by the definition states of emergency, preparation of action plans and continuous drills.
  • Conducting works to protect the environment and prevent environmental pollution for the purpose of handing over a healthy and clean environment to future generations,
  • Increasing environmental awareness, mitigate wastes at their source, recycling wastes and popularizing recycling. Disposing non-recyclable wastes without harming the environment,
  • Efficiently using our resources and developing protection methods by our projects related to energy efficiency and supporting the decrease of global warming and greenhouse gas
  • emissions,
  • Planning and applying measures which will mitigate environmental damages to the minimum in case of accidents, leakages on and near the sea and in emergency states,
  • Protecting the integrity, accessibility and confidentiality of data,
  • Keeping update our information safety risk assessments and activating continuous improvement,
  • Carrying out activities to improve our employees’ levels of technical knowledge and behavioral competency for the purpose of increasing information security awareness,
  • Sharing information related to information security with our stakeholders to create information security awareness among our stakeholders,
  • Continuously improving the required infrastructure to prevent any breach of information security,

These are our missions as the employees of Evyapport.