Human Resources

Performance Management And Career System


The performance system encompasses all employees. We follow up our targets through the QPR system. Our employees can review the defined targets and realizations via the system at any time.

In the performance management process the targets are followed up under two headings being business and competency targets. Business targets; are fed by the targets coming from the holding, company and department report cards and from the targets assigned to the employee individually. The weighing of the targets may vary depending on the position.

Our process consists of 3 stages;

  1. Target Definition Period
  2. Follow up-Interim Evaluation Period
  3. Yearend Performance Evaluation Period


Our employees may apply for vacant positions having been published internally provided that certain conditions shall be fulfilled. The candidates meeting the criteria will be selected among the employees having applied and, depending on the requirements of the position, the exam, personality inventory and interview processes will be followed. The employee who passed these processes successfully will be transferred to the corresponding department. By this, we provide career and development opportunities to our employees.