Customer Services

The Evyapport Customer Service is positioned to finalize any customer needs one single point and in the fastest and most efficient manner. From service requests to customs procedures and from invoicing to financial settlements; all customer procedures are handled by our representatives, all experts in their field. Our technological infrastructure is supported by a call center and a CRM system to ensure fastest access to our representatives.

With our online systems in parallel with the developing technology all our customers’ requests are handled instantly. Requests such as estimated storage cost calculation, DBA and import container weighing requests, inspection, sampling and full detection can be created on short notice whereas the calculations for all services can be made on these online systems. Operational steps of any request can be viewed from the same platform and payments can be approved full time with the automatic collection system.

With the aid of our customer feedback system which has been built to ensure persistence in customer satisfaction, we listen to all our stakeholders and generate fast and permanent solutions. Our feedback system has been designed according to the ISO 10002 Quality Standards and provides nonstop access 7/24 and 365 days a year whereas information on the current status of feedbacks is given as well.

Customer Services working hours are: Weekdays and Saturday 07:00-23:00, Sunday 07:00-19:00