Customer Services
. 20" 40" UNIT
THC(Terminal) 65 65 USD / PIECE
THC (OOG – Out of Gauge Container) 120 120 USD / PIECE
Storage, 1-5 days 16 28 USD/ DAY / PIECE
Storage, 6-11 days 22 36 USD/ DAY / PIECE
12th day and longer 27 41 USD/ DAY / PIECE
Storage, 1-5 days 45 72 USD/ DAY / PIECE
Storage, 6th day and longer (OOG) 55 82 USD/ DAY / PIECE
Storage, 1-5 days (Reefer/with cooling system) 65 85 USD/ DAY / PIECE
Storage, 6th day and longer (Reefer) 75 95 USD/ DAY / PIECE
Truck-Trailer Truck Occupancy Fee 65+VAT 65+VAT USD / DAY / PIECE
Internal Unloading- by Forklift 102+VAT 151+VAT USD / PIECE
Internal Unloading (Nonstandard-Granite, Steel Coil etc.) 192+VAT 242+VAT USD / PIECE
Locking/Sealing-Unlocking/Unsealing 10+VAT 10+VAT USD / PIECE
Radiation Scanning 9+VAT 9+VAT USD / PIECE
Inner-Port Transshipment 75+VAT 100+VAT USD / PIECE
Inspection (Partial Inspection) 208+VAT 294+VAT TL / PIECE
Full Detection (Full Inspection) 245+VAT 343+VAT TL / PIECE
Sampling 208+VAT 208+VAT TL / PIECE
X-Ray Scanning 208+VAT 208+VAT TL / PIECE
Weighing Services (Onsite) 172+VAT 172+VAT TL / PIECE
Weighing Services (On Delivery) 86+VAT 86+VAT TL / PIECE
VGM (Verified Gross Mass) Weighing 89,34+VAT 89,34+VAT TL / PIECE
  • The Turkish Central Bank Exchange Selling Rate will be predicated on invoicing processes.
  • Invoice amounts shall be paid in cash at the port during the container/cargo exit or to the following bank accounts of Evyap Deniz İşletmeciliği Lojistik ve İnşaat A.Ş.


Bank Information:
PB Iban No Bank / Branch / Branch Code Account No Swift
TL TR15 0006 4000 0011 2540 0251 52 İş Bankası /Maslak Kurumsal / 1254 25152 ISBKTRIS
TL TR47 0006 2001 6070 0006 2971 31 Garanti Bankası / Gebze Ticari / 1607 6297131 TGBATRIS


Bank Information
PB Iban No Bank / Branch / Branch Code Account No Swift
USD TR02 0006 4000 0021 2540 0217 92 İş Bankası /Maslak Kurumsal / 1254 21792 ISBKTRIS
USD TR58 0006 2001 6070 0009 0909 21 Garanti Bankası / Gebze Ticari / 1607 9090921 TGBATRIS

• You can download our import tariffs in PDF-format.

• For our other bank account details please click here.


  • Gate exits are from Monday to Saturday: 07:00-22:00, Sunday: 07:00-19:00, without paying any overtime.
  • For containers marked under IMO an amount of 20% will be added to all expense items.
  • If a container having been identified to have leak should be stored in storage pond/defined area a storage fee of 60 USD/Day will be charged.
  • No additional THC (Terminal Handling Charges) fee will be charged for internal unloading processes.
  • If, upon request for inspection, full detection, internal unloading or internal loading and the placement of this container to the CFS area; this request will be revoked, the fee of internal port transshipment will be invoiced for each revoked container.
  • The occupancy fee for Trucks-Trailer Trucks will be charged if exceeding midnight, 00:00.
  • Evyapport reserves the right to make amendments in the tariff without previous notice.
  • The standard internal unloading service includes; material which can be handled by forklift without any additional attachments, not exceeding 5 tons of weight and not exceeding dimensions of 2 meters x 2 meters (Pallet, drum, big bag and similar).
  • Nonstandard internal unloading service includes; materials which do not fall into the definition of standard unloading, which can be handled with a forklift or require additional attachments (sheet coil, structural iron, big crates, which require manual labor and similar).

**The internal unloading operation method (standard/nonstandard) is assessed according to the dimensions of the cargo and for the final pricing and operational confirmation, the cargo details (width-length-height and weight) as well as images of the cargos have to be submitted to at least 2 days before the requested internal unloading date.