Human Resources

Our Recruitment Process

In the recruitment processes which are designed according to the needs of our ever improving organization; we aim to recruit the most adequate candidate who will adapt to the company’s corporate culture and is vested with the competencies which the position requires. In the course of the recruitment process; our priorities are that our candidates shall be team players who fit the corporate culture, have an innovative perspective and who are change-oriented.

All applications having been sent to our company are stored in our database for a period of 2 years, if the candidate gives his explicit content. For our vacant positions: we initiate our recruitment by prioritizing our candidate pool consisting of applications in our current database and ads in career web sites and which match to the requirements of the vacant positions.

In further processes, the appropriate candidates will pass an evaluation process carried out by the Human Resources Department. In the preliminary evaluation candidates for operator posts will be subject to a machine operation on site whereas a technical exam is made for candidates for the maintenance group. All candidates are subject to a competency based interview. With these competencies we evaluate the candidates’ both professional and technical skills.


The applications of candidates who have not been assessed upon interviews are stored and followed up in our current database for future assessments related to other positions. All candidates are notified in respect with the result of the recruitment process.

If you want to join our team please fill in the job application form in our web site and send it to us.


Our company offers short and long term traineeship opportunities. Internships defined as imperative by schools are accepted. In traineeships, we give priority to first degree relatives of our employees. The rest of vacant positions are evaluated among other applications. Please click the link for traineeship applications.