Human Resources

Our Training And Development Process

Training at Evyapport starts after the recruitment process with the orientation training. The recruitment process is completed and our new employees having joined the Evyapport family are receiving first an obligatory occupational health and safety training in scope of the orientation process. Having completed this training, our employees complete their orientation processes online via the Evyapport Academy system. The employees who have completed their orientation trainings are joining an on-the-job training program depending on their jobs to carry out in their departments.

The aim of training and development at Evyapport is to ensure our employees’ personal and organizational development. The employee development plans which are created according to the annually planned training needs and performance evaluation process results constitute our training program.

We carry out our trainings on a common platform regardless of office and site.


The Evyapport Academy is our e-learning platform. It consists of courses, general information, notes, works with motion-visual effects and animations which are included in the training contents. The system which also includes OHS rules, examples of accidents and machine instructions provides also an examination application. At the end of each training exam questions are addressed to participants.